bray wyatt

After weeks of hype and anticipation, fans finally got to witness The Ultimate Deletion this week when it aired on WWE Monday Night Raw.

The Ultimate Deletion was a big hit on social media, as it was the number one trend in the world for over two hours, and it seems that most people appreciated the effort that went into it.

In the end it was Woken Matt Hardy who deleted Bray Wyatt when he hit him with the Twist of Fate and told Wyatt that “it’s OVAH” before throwing him in the Lake of Reincarnation. However, Bray responded by telling Matt it’s not over, so it appears that these two vessels may clash again in the future.

But right now everyone’s wondering what’s next for Bray Wyatt following his deletion, and it’s been rumored that the former WWE Champion could be getting repackaged.

There’s no denying that Bray is overdue for a fresh take on his character, and even though Senor Benjamin didn’t find Bray’s body in the Lake of Reincarnation after the match was over, Bray did leave something behind.

WWE has released a video showing the aftermath of The Ultimate Deletion, and in the video it’s revealed that Bray’s signature lantern was left at the Hardy Compound.

Hardy then gives the lantern to his son King Maxel, but only time will tell if there’s a more symbolic meaning to Bray leaving his lantern behind.