WWE Hall of Famer Booker T mentioned on his Heated Conversations show over the weekend that he plans to run for mayor of Houston, TX in 2020, and now Booker T has made it official. Booker T released a statement detailing his intentions to run for mayor and you can read an excerpt below.

“I have experienced both sides of life, from living with rats and roaches to being a Hall of Famer at one of the largest global brands and publicly traded companies in the world. Today, I am a successful small business owner building brands of my own and I believe in my heart that all Houstonians, regardless of their economic circumstances deserve the same opportunities to build a better life for themselves.”

“In the coming weeks and months I will make additional announcements as necessary regarding my campaign and our team. I look forward to having a dialogue with the voters of Houston and if I am so privileged to serve, I will fight for them as hard as I have fought for myself and my family over the last 30 years.”

You can check out Booker’s official announcement below.