cm punk

CM Punk’s name is one that comes up a lot in the world of professional wrestling and it was recently reported that Punk was at FOX studios doing on-camera testing for a potential on-screen role on WWE Backstage.

It was recently confirmed that Renee Young and Booker T will host the show, but several other names are also reportedly being consider for the show as well.

Booker T commented on reports of Punk’s on-screen tests, and said, “I know nothing about this at all.”

The WWE Hall of Famer then went into his thoughts on Punk potentially joining the show, and he noted that he has never had any beef with Punk. He then pointed out the fact that there are still plenty of fans out there who want to support CM Punk.

“For him to step back into the world of wrestling is something I never thought I’d see because when CM Punk stepped away, he said, ‘I’m done with professional wrestling and I don’t want to see a ring again.’ You know, he pretty much went into seclusion and deleted all of his contacts from the business. I remember one of the guys, Corey Graves was really cool with CM Punk and Corey was super hot after CM Punk deleted him and said that he didn’t want to talk to Graves anymore.

I don’t think it would be a bad thing. It possibly could be a good thing. A lot of fans are still chanting ‘CM Punk!’ so it’s obvious a lot of people still like him. It’s obvious a lot of people still want to support CM Punk. The thing is you know if you come back in one capacity, you’re going to get the itch. Your gonna want to get back in there and test yourself. I always said I was in my best in my 40s, right now, CM Punk 40, 41? He still has some fumes left in the tank. Can CM Punk still come out and give fans a ride? Of course.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.