booker t

Fans haven’t been seeing all that much of Booker T on WWE programming since Jonathan Coachman joined the Raw commentary team and replaced him, but Booker recently confirmed that he’ll be calling the action on the show next week.

Booker T’s return to the commentary team should be interesting to say the least, but in the meantime his attention is focused elsewhere.

The WWE Hall of Famer recently posted a pretty hilarious video on Twitter where he talked about how he ran into Goldberg at WrestleMania. According to Booker, Goldberg was picking on him for not being in shape because he was riding a hover board.

Booker responded by first challenging Goldberg to a pull up contest, and then he challenged him to a match which he says could take place at the Greatest Royal Rumble, or WrestleMania next year.

It appears that Goldberg found the video to be pretty amusing, as he responded with the following: