bobby lashley

After a long wait WrestleMania 37 is finally here, and the show kicked off in a big way from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. It was announced ahead of time that Bobby Lashley would be defending his WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre in the opening match, and the two top stars went to war.

WrestleMania was unfortunately delayed due to inclement weather, but both men made their entrance to a loud ovation from the crowd, and they looked very intense as they prepared to face off.

At one point Drew McIntyre hit Bobby Lashley with three Future Shock DDTs, but Lashley kicked out.

McIntyre later tried for a Claymore, but MVP distracted him and he missed.

Bobby Lashley locked in The Hurt Lock, and Drew tried his best to fight out of it, but he fell to the mat and then the ref called for the bell.

After the match Lashley celebrated with MVP.