vince mcmahon

Vince McMahon is an infamous figure in the world of professional wrestling, and over the years quite a few wrestlers have shared some interesting stories about McMahon and what he’s like behind the scenes. Now it seems that the whole world is going to get the chance to see a version of his life play out on the big screen because a Vince McMahon biopic is currently in development.

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The film is being put together by TriStar and WWE Studios and PWInsider is reporting that the current plan is to try and get an “A” level star involved with the project in order to get it fast tracked. According to the report, an offer was made to Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper for him to potentially play Vince McMahon in the film.

As of right now it’s not known if Bradley Cooper is interested in the role, but an offer is reportedly on the table.

The original script for the film which is titled “Pandemonium” was written by Craig A. Williams, but it’s believed that the script has undergone several rewrites since WWE Studios got involved.

Glenn Ficarra and John Requa who directed the pilot for NBC drama
This is Us” are currently attached to direct the Vince McMahon biopic.