brock lesnar

On Friday, Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman faced off in a singles match with the vacant Universal Championship on the line at Crown Jewel.

Things didn’t exactly go Braun Strowman’s way, as he ended up losing the match after Brock Lesnar hit him with the F5, 5 times.

Now Brock Lesnar us once again the Universal Champion.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Brock Lesnar is signed for at least 2 more appearances with WWE.

It was announced on Friday that he will face AJ Styles in a Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series, so he’s confirmed for at least one more appearance after that match.

It was also noted that the idea behind his match with Braun Strowman was not to make Strowman look weak, but to make it look like he had survived 5 F5s.

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