royal rumble

Fans were thrilled to see Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins reunite a few months ago, and shortly after getting on the same page, the two stars managed to capture the Raw Tag Team Titles.

Their reunion led to a full Shield reunion, and for a little while Ambrose and Rollins were running the tag team division on Raw, but their reunion was cut short after Dean Ambrose suffered an injury.

Dean Ambrose’s injury provided the opportunity of a lifetime for Jason Jordan when his father paired him with Seth Rollins. Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins quickly defeated The Bar to win the Raw Tag Team Titles, but they’ve been an awkward team at best.

Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins put their Tag Team Titles on the line against Sheamus and Cesaro Sunday night at the Royal Rumble.

Seth Rollins, Cesaro and Sheamus all entered the Royal Rumble match earlier in the night. Sheamus was eliminated by Heath Slater in a matter of seconds, and Seth Rollins was later eliminated by Roman Reigns after he helped Roman eliminate The Miz.

Rollins took the brunt of the beating for his team during the title match, as Jason Jordan spent most of his time on the outside of the ring as medical staff checked on him after he was taken out by Cesaro.

The Bar completely dominated the match as Jordan milked his injury on the outside, but Rollins tried his best to fight back.

After spending basically the whole match sitting on the outside, Jason Jordan tagged in and then acted like he was dazed as he struggled to stand. Jordan then tagged Rollins back in and sat down on the ring steps as Rollins looked frustrated.

Sheamus managed to land a Brogue Kick on Rollins, then he tagged in Cesaro and they hit a double team move on Rollins to win the belts for the fourth time in their career.