big show

It’s safe to say that Big Show is a future WWE Hall of Famer, as he’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business throughout the course of his extensive career.

One man who Big Show has faced quite a few times is Brock Lesnar, and during a recent appearance on the Steve Austin Show, Big Show indicated that Brock is just as scary backstage as he is on TV.

“Brock Lesnar scares everybody in the arena and backstage.” Big Show said via Wrestling Inc. “He [has] got the best backstage game since Hulk Hogan as far as freaking everybody out.”

Big Show also commented on Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title reign, and said that anyone who manages to beat The Beast for the title will be a made man.

“That’s where we’re at now. Who can beat Brock Lesnar? Brock Lesnar is no joke, no comedy, no ha-ha, no fun and games. He’s a legit champ. Whoever beats Brock Lesnar is going to be made and that’s what you want out of somebody that drops the title, not passing the title like you’re passing a volleyball back and forth across the net. Now, whoever becomes the champion is somebody that is going to have really earned it through trial and fire.”

At this point WWE hasn’t confirmed when Brock will be defending his title again, but it’s been speculated that he will end up putting his belt on the line against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.