big show

It’s safe to say that Big Show is a future WWE Hall of Famer, but there was some speculation earlier this year that the former World Champion was getting ready to hang up his boots for good.

However, Show announced recently that he signed a new multi-year deal with WWE, and during an appearance on the Steve Austin Show he confirmed that the deal will see him stay with WWE for another three years.

“I spent some time with the big man himself. We talked. Hunter and I talked because we were concerned about my hip. We were concerned about a lot of things. And they put together a nice three-year deal for me, so I’m there another three years. I can do a lot more work with things that I’m passionate about, Special Olympics and being a Global Ambassador for the Special Olympics. I get a chance to have a bit more free time now. I’m not in the trenches for five days a week like I was for 20 years at every house show and TV. I was probably on TV too much as a giant when I should have been an attraction. Instead, I was in there working all the time.” Show said via Wrestling Inc.

Big Show has been out of action for several months after undergoing hip surgery. He also confirmed that he was originally supposed to return at the Royal Rumble, but his return was delayed when he found out he had a surgical infection.

“I had a little complication after the surgery, which happens sometimes when you put metal in the body and it was a real trying time. It [postponed] my return. It added about another five months to my return longer than it should’ve been. I got a surgical infection from it.” Show continued, “I had to go in [and] be opened up again. They did a real good job of really cleaning the joint as best they can. I was on an IV drip all through Christmas for seven weeks.”

It doesn’t sound like Big Show will be nearly as active in the years to come, but it also sounds like he’s far from ready to officially end his career.

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