This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw took place from Jacksonville, FL and it was rumored ahead of the show that a big return would be taking place. During the show Trish Stratus came down to the ring wearing a “Missing” poster with Becky Lynch’s face on her shirt.

Trish said that when Becky Lynch is found all the fans can thank her. She also said that when Becky comes back she won’t be returning to Raw because Raw is her show and no one is going to steal her spotlight. That’s when Becky Lynch’s music hit and Trish pretended to be surprised at first, but then the music stopped and Trish laughed at the fans for falling for her trick as Becky didn’t come out.

The fans chanted for Becky and then the music hit again. Becky appeared behind Trish and punched her as soon as she turned around. Becky hit Trish with a suplex and Stratus rolled out of the ring. She got on the mic and told Trish that if she wants her she’s right here, but Trish retreated to the back.

Becky Lynch last appeared on Raw a few weeks ago when she teamed with Trish Stratus to defend the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Becky & Trish lost the titles and Trish turned heel after when she attacked her partner. Becky has been off TV ever since, but now she’s back and seemingly ready to face off against Trish Stratus, so it will be interesting to see when WWE ends up booking the Lynch vs. Stratus match.