enzo amore

For years Big Cass & Enzo Amore were one of the most popular tag teams in NXT & WWE, but they split up in 2017, and earlier this year they were both released.

Enzo has yet to return to the ring since being released from his WWE contract, but Big Cass has been active on the independent circuit.

On Saturday night, Big Cass was set to perform at a House of Hardcore event, but unfortunately he had a seizure and had to get medical attention.

Luckily Cass got the treatment he needed, and it’s being reported that after it was all said and done Cass was coherent and able to speak.

Enzo and Cass might not be a team anymore, but Enzo took to social media to show love for his former partner when he posted the following:

Speaking of Enzo Amore, the former Cruiserweight Champion recently announced that he will be live at Caroline’s on Broadway on December 26.