Big Cass is a part of one of the hottest tag teams in WWE. Alongside Enzo Amore, he delights audiences all around the world. WWE might be headed toward a breakup of Big Cass and Enzo however, for the time being, they’re thick as thieves. But Big Cass was traveling without Enzo on his way to Payback and ran into legendary football player Jerry Rice. The two snapped a picture during their encounter. It’s awesome seeing them together. Jerry Rice is one of the greatest NFL players of all time and certainly qualifies for the title of Certified G.

Naomi has one of the best entrances in WWE right now. When the lights go out and Noami’s music starts to play, we know we’re in for a great visual performance. She effectively turns the whole arena into one huge rave. People really dig it.

Her glow in the dark ring gear is carefully made to add that little bit of extra something to her entrance. Her boots light up as well to give a stunning element to the overall presentation. She’s even thrown in a glow in the dark dreadlock wig to put it way over the top. It really is excellent.

It’s cool to watch Total Divas and see her pitch the entrance to WWE. She worked really hard on this idea. Painstaking care was put into the concept and it only adds to how awesome the entrance is every time we see it. Her entrance obviously worked. Now everyone is feeling The Glow.

Naomi recently tweeted out a picture of some new shoes she plans on wearing to the ring soon. They’re really cool and feature the SmackDown Women’s Championship on the toe. She said she plans on high kicking some people with them. Those shoes do look comfortable, but there’s nothing comfortable being kicked with them.