big cass

Enzo and Big Cass are one of the most popular tag teams in all of professional wrestling. Fans just seem to love their catchphrases and as soon as their music hits the crowd immediately pops because they know what’s next.

No other tag team in WWE at the moment seems to get the reaction that Enzo and Big Cass get, and Cass recently told the Green Bay Gazette that they’re very appreciative of the fans.

“It definitely feels pretty good, and it’s a testament to our hard work and what we believed all along,” said Big Cass. “It’s definitely very gratifying when we come out to the arena and we know that the people will be hanging on our every word. Our main goal when we go out there is to have fun with the people, because they’ve paid to be entertained.”

This week on Raw, Enzo and Big Cass earned a shot at the Tag Team Titles. They’re set to take on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson at Fastlane but whether or not they will win the belts remains to be seen. As far as Cass is concerned, he feels that they need to win the belts in order to move forward.

“I don’t think we could go further in any direction with our characters until we do that,” Big Cass said. “Enzo and Big Cass as a unit needs to win those titles. Now we’ve been on Raw for almost a year and we’ve never won a WWE Tag Team Championship. It would be very validating for us. It’s something we need to do to move forward and to prove that we’re the best tag team there is in the WWE.”

Enzo and Big Cass will clash with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson at WWE Fastlane which is set to air live on the WWE Network on March 5th.