In the week leading up to Survivor Series back in November of last year there was a lot of talk about whether or not CM Punk might return to WWE at the event. Ultimately CM Punk did return after the main event, and Seth Rollins let everyone know he wasn’t happy about the return as he shouted at Punk from ringside.

While speaking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Becky Lynch talked a little bit about what was going on when CM Punk returned as well as how things played out from her perspective.

I was in Gorilla. There was a fist pound. Then my husband was going crazy by the ring. Then the producers on the headset are going, ‘Seth is freaking out.’ I’m like, ‘Oh no, this going to be a rough night,'”

When Becky Lynch was asked if it was disrespectful for WWE to keep talent out of the loop she noted that she believes the deal came together very late and that the company wasn’t trying to disrespect anyone.

“No. I believe the deal happened very late. As far as I know, I believe the deal happened very late and sometimes the tiredness hits. The deal happened late and then he had a match. He was working on his match all day. He felt disrespected. We think of ourselves. We are the universe. Everybody. Nobody is going, ‘I want to disrespect you.’ We may feel disrespected, but nobody is intentionally going, ‘Let me disrespect this person.’ Consideration should be taken into account. You should have told your top stars, of course, but nobody is going out there going, ‘How do I disrespect my top stars? My World Champion. How do I disrespect him?’ Nobody is thinking that.”

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H/T Fightful