becky lynch

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are one of the most recognizable power couples in the world of professional wrestling today. They’ve managed to both have successful careers on their own and together they’ve achieved success by starting a family. The two WWE stars have come a long way over the last few years, but Becky recently spoke to ET Online and explained how it all began.

“I feel like there was always a deep connection with him. Like, there was always a bond. He used to tease me, but in a way that was so loving. I’d always run up to him and I’d tell him these stupid jokes and he’d tell me I was the worst and then we’d go our separate ways. But I would always look forward to seeing him so much.”

“He was the person, if we had a joint pay-per-view [event], that I would look forward to seeing the most. I just loved hanging around with him.”

Becky Lynch went on to say that their schedules started to mix much more and that she and Seth Rollins ended up spending a lot more time together in 2019.

“I would see a lot more of him. And anytime we came together, we’d have these chats and we were both going through stuff in our own relationships. I had been unceremoniously ghosted at the time, [which was] for the best, thank God… and we bonded over these things. Then we were just both single and free and had no ideas of any attachment, and one thing lead to another and then here we are, five years later.”