becky lynch

Becky Lynch has been selling a knee injury recently, and this week she confronted Stephanie McMahon in the opening segment of Raw.

Stephanie told Becky that it’s a liability for the company to let Becky Lynch compete if she’s not cleared by a doctor.

Becky insisted that she didn’t want anyone to take her moment away from her, and Stephanie McMahon told her that if she doesn’t see a doctor she will be suspended.

Lynch refused to see the doctor, so Stephanie McMahon announced that she’s suspended indefinitely, and then Becky Lynch attacked Stephanie McMahon.

Becky and Stephanie were pulled apart as the fans chanted “Becky, Becky Becky.”

When the show returned from break Becky Lynch was being escorted out of the building when Ronda Rousey confronted her and told her she’s unprofessional. Rousey looked Lynch up and down and said “ice and Advil b**ch” before walking away.