becky lynch

On this week’s episode of WWE Raw, Ronda Rousey teamed up with Natalya to face The Riott Squad, but their match was rudely interrupted by Becky Lynch.

Becky made her way through the crowd on a crutch, and she walked into the ringside area then decked Natalya. The referee called for the bell and then Becky started using the crutch as a weapon as she attacked Natalya.

The Man then brawled with Ronda Rousey, but they were pulled apart.

Becky Lynch was escorted up the entrance ramp by a group of police and when they reached the top Lynch was put in handcuffs.

When the show returned from commercial break, Ronda Rousey called out Vince McMahon, but she got Stephanie instead. She begged Stephanie McMahon to reinstate Becky Lynch and put her back in the Raw Women’s Title match at WrestleMania.

Stephanie confirmed Becky had been arrested.

Ronda demanded that Steph add Becky to the match, but Steph got in her face instead. Rousey told Stephanie that she wanted to defend her belt against the best, but now she just defends it against “the chosen.”

She said it’s time for Vince to make the right decision, then she dropped the belt and walked out.