The Hugger Of Huggers, Bayley is notoriously known as a fangirl living her dream. She had several favorite WWE superstars as a kid, and The Hardy Boyz were among her favorites. Needless to say, when Matt and Jeff came back to WWE we’re willing to bet Bayley was pretty excited.

WWE was making their way through Europe and closing out their tour. While the Raw brand was in Germany, Bayley wanted a hug from two of her childhood heroes. This is a very cool video and even features a shot of The Hardy Boyz behind the scenes before they made their entrance in front of an excited house in Stuttgart Germany.

The Hardys said it was absolutely wonderful to be on a European tour with WWE once again. Fans came from far and wide to meet the Hardy Boyz and watch them do their thing. If European fans missed WWE this time around, there isn’t much to worry about because they’ll be back in November.

Bayley got a chance to thank the Hardy Boyz for all they’ve done in their career. They’ve influenced so many people in positive (and dangerous) ways. Bayley showed them a picture of herself when she twelve-years-old doing the Hardy hand sign. Let’s hope she didn’t make Matt and Jeff feel too old.

Bayley got a sweaty hug for her troubles. So in the end, everyone came out a winner. Fans came out as winners too because we got to share in the awesome moment.

Ever since Cody Rhodes left WWE, he’s one busy guy. The Grandson Of A Plumber has been making towns across the globe for New Japan, ROH, and other promotions. That doesn’t even include his media appearances and filming for “Arrow.”

Cody Rhodes recently tweeted out an itinerary of his next two days. It looks both exhausting and fun at the same time. But, when you’re in demand as much as he is it has to be expected.

He’s got two shows, a cookout, and two flights to catch. Let’s hope Cody’s able to keep up his energy, but we’re willing to bet he won’t have any issues. After all, he’s been living the life of a pro wrestling superstar for a while now. At this point, it’s probably second nature for Cody to always go nonstop.