It’s been several years since Batista has appeared on WWE programming, but he’s set to return for SmackDown 1000, and he’ll be reuniting with Evolution.

WWE recently released a never before seen Batista interview where he reflects on his time as a member of the SmackDown roster, and during the interview he talked about working with The Undertaker.

While talking about his experience working with The Deadman, he noted that when Taker wanted to go, he gave it his all.

“When Undertaker decided he wanted to go, there was nobody who could do it better,” Batista said via Wrestling Inc. “He would always say for 15 minutes out of the day he was the baddest son of b—- on the planet, and I would back that up 100 percent. I mean, that dude can go. He’s very intimidating, you know he’s in charge, but it’s also very comforting because this dude has just seen and done it all. It’s almost like one of those things when you get in [the ring] with him you know you’re going to have a good match.”

The full interview can be seen below.