baron corbin

A few weeks ago Baron Corbin won the 2019 WWE King of the Ring tournament, and since then he’s been anything but humble.

King Corbin has been rocking the king gimmick as hard as he possibly can, and on Monday night he brought his throne down to the new WWE Raw stage so he could sit in it while he watched the main event.

Unfortunately for Corbin that plan didn’t work out very well because the throne broke while he was sitting on it.

Randy Orton couldn’t help but laugh, and footage of the throne breaking can be seen below.

It was announced on Monday that Team Flair will be facing off against Team Hogan in a 5-on-5 elimination match at Crown Jewel later this month.

As of this writing Baron Corbin and Randy Orton are the only two team members announced for Team Flair while Seth Rollins and Rusev are the only team members confirmed for Team Hogan.