baron corbin

WWE United States Champion Baron Corbin is set to face off against Intercontinental Champion The Miz at Survivor Series in a few weeks, and they’ve been trading shots on social media ever since the match was officially announced.

Corbin recently posted a video on Twitter where he mentioned The Miz’s wife in his promo, and Miz told him he will knock his “f**king teeth” down his throat if he ever mentions his wife again.

Baron Corbin has now responded, and he apologized for mentioning The Miz’s wife, but it’s probably not the apology The Miz was hoping for.

“Miz, I saw what you said man, and I want to apologize. I didn’t mean to bring your wife into this. I didn’t realize how touchy of a subject it would be for you, but I understand it. I understand that when you have to live in the shadow of someone like her, or you need her to protect you from the big bad bullies of the world, and now she’s sitting at home, that’s hard. I understand that, so I apologize. You talked about relevance, and making your championship the most relevant thing, and when someone like your wife is begged to come out of retirement to make you and your career relevant again I understand your anger and your frustration, so I apologize. I also want to tell you congratulations. A baby girl man, that’s a great thing and it’s gonna be such a cool experience the first time she looks up at you and calls you daddy. Just like at Survivor Series when I beat you into nothing, and you look up, and you call me daddy.”

Both men will have a chance to back up their trash talk at Survivor Series in a few weeks, but it’s safe to say we’ll probably be seeing more promos like this before November 19.