baron corbin

Monday Night Raw hasn’t exactly been getting positive reviews from fans recently, and with Baron Corbin at the forefront of the show, he’s been taking a lot of flack from fans on social media.

Corbin discussed fans who criticize the show on Heated Conversations: Hosted by Booker T, and he said that while “crazy how negative it is” on social media, there are some people who just can’t be pleased.

“I was telling somebody when I was coming out of the car that 20 people could say, ‘Baron Corbin should wear a red shirt tonight on RAW!’ and if I wore a red shirt, those same 20 people are like, ‘he looks terrible! It should’ve been blue!’ There’s no pleasing it and I think [social media] just gives people a place to say what they want because there are no repercussions for their actions.. If you took all these people that said all these things to me [on the internet] and put them in front of me, their attitude changes so fast.”

Corbin went on to say that it’s good that people speak their minds, but the Superstars of Monday Night Raw are always trying to present the best show possible.

“Just because [Twitter fans] are the loudest, it doesn’t mean they’re the majority. It’s good that people speak their minds about these kinds of things, but it’s my show and if you want to change it, try. That’s what I say. Come get it, if you want it. I’m in charge, but tonight we’re going to step it up and put something fresh out there. We’re always out there like [Booker T] said to put on the best show possible. I want tonight to be better than last week. I want last week to be better than the week before. I want next week to be better than this week. Like, if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.”

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