triple h

WWE made a big announcement today when it was revealed that Paul Heyman will be the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, and Eric Bischoff will be the Executive Director of SmackDown Live. Over the last few years Triple H has seemingly been groomed to take on more responsibilities with WWE, but in the end WWE decided to put Heyman and Bischoff in these powerful positions.

Fightful is reporting that several wrestlers and employees were surprised by the news and hadn’t heard anything about it prior to WWE revealing the news to the rest of the world.

It’s also being reported that one longtime wrestler’s first reaction was to wonder aloud why Triple H wasn’t picked for one of the roles, and another saying that was some of the immediate chatter they heard after the announcement.

Another wrestler compared it to Shane McMahon wanting to improve his spot in the company and getting passed over. That was just some of the chatter and discussion backstage.

One wrestler reacted to the news of Heyman and Bischoff being put in charge by saying, “Vince is still in charge, so that’s all you really need to know.” Another reportedly noted that judging from the way things have been going lately they can’t possibly get worse.

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