It took a long time getting to this point but Anthem Sports finally released the Broken Universe back to House Hardy and now Matt Hardy is free to use his gimmick on WWE television.

Matt Hardy’s earthly vessel has finally been filled with Woken Wisdom on WWE television and his condition has returned. He is now “woken” but don’t confuse it with being “broken.” However, if you try to pick apart the differences you might really have a hard time telling the two apart from each other.

They seem just about the same but don’t get it twisted, they are going to be different characters in theory. Although the Woken Matt Hardy persona is liable to remind us of Matt’s Broken Brilliance in a lot of ways, only time will tell how far it will go.

The fact is that Matt Hardy created the Broken Universe with the help of his family and a few close friends while in Impact Wrestling. He funded the successful experiment and saw it achieve great success for Impact Wrestling and set the entire pro wrestling world on fire in the process.

Sports Illustrated reports that a contact from WWE reached out to them and informed SI that Vince McMahon is fully behind the wonderful Woken Matt Hardy gimmick and is giving Matt plenty of chances to stretch his legs with the character. Apparently, Matt will have a lot of creative licenses because McMahon “sees opportunity and the opportunity to cash in on a character that is already established.”

This is a very good sign for fans of the Broken Universe who were worried about what WWE Creative would do with this wonderful character. Of course, that doesn’t mean the gimmick won’t eventually receive some influence from WWE Creative. But at this time it looks like Vince McMahon is going to give Hardy a green light to really see what he can do.

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