Survivor Series is right around the corner, and that means the starts of Raw and SmackDown Live will be going to war with each other. SmackDown Live fired the first shot this week on Raw when they invaded WWE’s flagship show, and after the SmackDown stars entered through the arena, they went backstage and destroyed the Raw roster.

The angle came across as very aggressive on television, but not everything that fans saw on TV was live.

PWInsider reports that the backstage footage from the SmackDown invasion was actually shot earlier in the day. WWE talents were told to lay into each other with the beatings backstage as Vince McMahon wanted the assault to look as brutal as possible.

Management was reportedly paying so much attention to detail that at one point filming for the backstage segment was stopped because one talent threw what was described as a “typical working punch.” Filming was then reset because they didn’t want the punch to be seen on TV.

After taking a beating backstage while filming the invasion angle, the Raw stars then had to go out and wrestle their respective matches because it was filmed before the show went on the air.

Raw and SmackDown Live will go head to hear on Sunday, November 19.