It was recently reported that Paige will not be cleared to return to the ring by WWE following an injury she suffered during a match at a WWE live event.

The injury came when the former WWE Divas Champion took a kick to the back from Sasha Banks. After the kick Paige struggled to move and the referee called for the bell. It was originally believed that Paige just suffered a stinger, but it appears that the injury was severe enough for WWE officials to decide that she can no longer compete in the ring.

PWInsider is reporting that there is no heat on Sasha Banks for the injury. The situation is being seen as something that could have happened with anyone else in the ring, and not something that was a direct result of what Sasha Banks did. Banks and Paige successfully pulled off the same spot the night before during a live event at Madison Square Garden.

The decision to pull the Raw Superstar from the ring is a decision that was made by WWE officials. If Paige wants to return to the ring after her WWE contract expires she will be free to do so. However, it’s worth noting that after her neck surgery she was advised not to return to the ring by her doctor.