Triple H took over WWE creative back in July and since then he’s brought back a number of wrestlers who were released under Vince McMahon. It was reported that WWE reached out to AEW stars who are under contract and that some of them asked to be released.

However, there were others who didn’t ask to be released and they apparently informed AEW management of WWE’s advances. Ryan Frederick recently posted on the Wrestling Observer message board and he noted that Bobby Fish tried to get Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly to ask for a release.

“I posted it in the Bobby Fish thread but I know Fish was trying to get them to Cole and Kyle to ask for their releases to go back to WWE and they both told him no.

It’s possible Cole may have clued Tony in. If he did, I doubt he was the only one. I’m sure Swerve was one of them who did so.”

At this point in time it seem that both Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole are happy where they are, but there’s no telling what the future might hold when their deals with AEW expire. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.