corey graves

Booker T was replaced on the Raw commentary team by Jonathan Coachman following Raw’s 25th Anniversary a few weeks ago. The WWE Hall of Famer has made a number of comments about the situation over the past week and blamed Corey Graves for losing his position behind the announce table.

The New Day even mentioned the issues between the duo on SmackDown Live, which has now led to a number of fans wondering if this could all be a work. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the issues between the duo are something that Booker T was hoping to get publicity from, but it seems that there may be some truth to Booker believing that Graves was making him look bad when they were working together. It is thought that the situation isn’t as serious as it is being made out to be though.

Booker was replaced by Coachman and it was only about the company wanting to put someone who had ESPN credibility on their announce team rather than Booker who has been receiving a lot of negativity over the past few months.

It is thought that Graves and Booker do have their own issues and this will continue until they have finally said everything they need to, but there won’t be any pay off for WWE fans since Graves can’t be cleared to compete because of long-standing concussion issues which forced him behind the announce table, to begin with.