shane mcmahon

Ever since Shane McMahon returned to WWE a few years ago he’s had a consistent presence on WWE programming, but things have changed as of late.

Paige took over the SmackDown Live General Manager position after it was vacated by Daniel Bryan, and she’s been running the show since then, but fans haven’t seen much of Shane McMahon recently.

Dave Meltzer talked about Shane’s status on Wrestling Observer Radio, and he noted that Shane is still just a performer for WWE, and the company is keeping him off TV for now.
(via Ringside News).

“There’s no movement to get him back in power, in any kind of power position. He’s just a performer. I don’t know how he’s doing after surgery they haven’t brought him back to TV for whatever reason yet.”

Meltzer went on to speculate that the lack of Shane McMahon on SmackDown Live could be WWE’s way of getting Paige over as the General Manager.

“Maybe they just want to get Paige over. They don’t need him on TV. I mean really. Paige is fine in the role. Save Shane for when they’ve got a reason for him to be there and I haven’t seen a reason of late.”

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