There’s certainly no shortage of title belts on the WWE main roster, but there are currently only two championships in the women’s division.

However, it’s been rumored for months that WWE officials are looking to introduce Women’s Tag Team Titles at some point, and Joe Peisich recently reported on Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast that secondary titles for the division are also in the works (via Ringside News).

“There were several rumors going around for I don’t know a month, a month and a half that the WWE are going to show or bring a new tag team ladies title. There are also rumors going around that eventually they want to have sort of an Intercontinental or US Title for the ladies as well.”

In regards to when the belts could be introduced, it’s rumored that they could debut early next year.

“That’s news coming out that I just heard today. Look for tag titles and maybe an Intercontinental title appearing in the ladies revolution possibly by early next year.”