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The wrestling landscape has changed drastically over the last few months, and it seems that WWE talents who are unhappy with how creative is handling things are no longer afraid to voice their opinions.

Jon Moxley recently declined a new contract offer from WWE, and he is now out on his own working with companies like AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling. It seems that things are going well for the former WWE Superstar, as he defeated Juice Robinson to become the new IWGP United States Champion earlier this week.

After parting ways with the company,, Moxley openly talked about his frustrations with WWE creative and Vince McMahon on Talk Is Jericho, and he held nothing back while talking about his issues with how things are done in WWE.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that a number of wrestlers in WWE noted that the things Jon Moxley said were true, and even those who didn’t like him personally had nothing negative to say about his comments.

No one seems to be disputing what he said is true.

One person who wasn’t close to him felt that Moxley was a guy who couldn’t be happy, but felt that he was honest about the system being broken in WWE, and that even Vince McMahon realizes that’s the case.