triple h

The McMahons announced this week on Raw that a new era is upon us, and we’ll be seeing some fresh faces in WWE in the near future.

Lars Sullivan, EC3, Heavy Machinery, Lacey Evans and Nikki Cross are all set to join the main roster, but where they will end up, and whether or not they will succeed remains to be seen at this point.

As we’ve seen in the past, not every call up works out, and getting called up to the main roster without any plans for a push can sometimes halt a Superstar’s momentum completely.

NXT is Triple H’s baby, and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Triple H does not want the NXT call ups to fail, because it would reflect badly on the brand.

Ultimately the success or failure of the call ups will depend on Vince McMahon, but it seems that Lars Sullivan and EC3 may have the best chance at making an impact because Lars is a monster, which is something Vince likes, and EC3 has a good physique which Vince also likes.

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