daniel bryan

Daniel Bryan had been drifting through the midcard for most of 2018, but back in November he reached the top of the company once again when he won the WWE Championship and turned heel in the process.

Since then Daniel Bryan has been developing a new environmentally friendly heel character, and he’s been working hard to make the crowd hate him.

Bryan’s promos seem to be getting the job done, and Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that everything we’ve been seeing from Bryan as of late is most likely coming directly from him, not the creative team.

“The show is being carried by Daniel Bryan as a heel, who they lucked into. That’s nobody but Daniel Bryan. It’s not like creative having some great idea for a guy. I’m sure this character, and these promos are obviously him, because they’re so far above mentally what anyone else is going to come up with. So, I know that this like 100% him, or 99% him.”

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