uncle howdy

After months of teasers The Wyatt Sicks finally made their big debut on Raw and everyone is talking about their introduction. As of right now the group consists of Bo Dallas, Nikki Cross, Erick Rowan, Joe Gacy and Dexter Lumis. Fightful Select is reporting that Erick Rowan was specifically signed for his role in the group and the others were kept off TV for months in preparation for the debut.

It’s not likely that the group will be interacting with every program on the Raw brand, but it’s expected that the ramifications of their actions will have a domino effect on stories happening on the show. The people who were attacked by the group on Raw and the characters who left before the attack were reportedly planned and designed for specific reasons.

As of Tuesday morning there were no plans for the group to utilize supernatural elements. One person in the company indicated it would be too hard to pull off and noted that “you can’t beat ghosts with wrestling moves.”

The group was not listed on rundowns for Raw, but the roster was aware they were coming in. The stage for the Nikki Cross reveal was quickly set up during the main event and was impossible to hide from the live audience.

WWE was happy with the camera work during the big reveal and over the moon with the crowd reaction. Overall WWE was very happy with how things worked out regarding the production, buzz and feedback related to their segment.