It’s been an interesting week for WWE, as multiple sources have reported that The Revival requested to be released from their WWE contracts during Raw. It seems that the duo is unhappy with WWE at the moment, but they seem to have a fan in former Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks who took to Twitter recently to say she wants to be like The Revival.

Scott Dawson then responded by saying, “Don’t matter where we go, we’re stealing the show.”

Sasha responded by posting a gif of someone saying, “Take me with you!”

Banks seems to be in a good spot at the moment, as she’s set to challenge Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship at the Royal Rumble, but there’s no telling what the future might hold.

As for The Revival, it’s believed that WWE won’t be granting any releases due to the changing landscape in the world of professional wrestling, and it’s being said that Dawson and Wilder have a decent amount of time left on their contracts.