royal rumble

The Greatest Royal Rumble is set to be a huge event in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. It’s been discussed many times how the Women’s Division isn’t getting to attend the big event but it turns out another division in WWE could also be getting snubbed.

WWE’s United Kingdom Division has a lot of talent but they’re viewed as being very low on the totem pole. It’s a real shame because anyone who watched the United Kingdom Championship Tournament or caught their special was thoroughly entertained. There is constantly talk about getting an actual WWE United Kingdom show together but those rumors only seem to pop up whenever the notion of another World Of Sport program on ITV in the UK emerges.

But according to the Instagram stories from many of the WWE UK guys, nobody seems to be headed to Jeddah like the rest of the roster.

Trent Seven just finished up a little tour of Australia and has shown no indication he’s on his way to The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Wolfgang posted an Instagram story from La Cala Bar in Glasgow early on the 25th which is exactly where you’d expect him to be. Joseph Conners is booked solid from April 27-29th but he’s not in Saudia Arabia.

Pete Dunne has a rather important match coming up on the 29th against Marty Scurll for Destiny World Wrestling and Tyler Bate seems to be globetrotting as well but Saudi Arabia doesn’t seem to be on either of their agendas. Even Mark Andrews who was featured on 205 Live more prominently in recent months hasn’t updated his status online to give a hint he’s on his way to the massive five-hour event.

Therefore if you were wondering if WWE was going to fill in some spots in the big 50-man Greatest Royal Rumble match with United Kingdom guys that doesn’t seem to be the case.