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Alicia Fox is a former WWE Divas Champion, and fans have also seen her on the cast of Total Divas in the past. Alicia’s relationship drama was put on display for the whole world to see, and fans got an inside look at what her relationship was like with former WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett.

Fox was recently a guest on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, and she opened up about their relationship and why they’re better off as friends.

“My mom was on the street for like three years. It was insane. That was horrible. That was horrible because for me I knew that she was giving me a lot of stress and anxiety that I was bringing to work. I didn’t really realize it was having such a huge effect on me. I couldn’t even talk to Stu [Bennett, known as Wade Barrett in WWE] about it. I love Stu to death, but he was not the kind of relationship partner that I felt comfortable to talk about where I was emotionally and that was something I felt like, ‘Well, maybe I’m not worthy, maybe I shouldn’t, maybe these emotions aren’t right.’ It’s just who he is. He’s not an emotional person. We’re just better friends. When I was really going through this thing when my mom was on the street and stuff, I wanted someone to talk about it with. So instead, I held it in my stomach and moved on. So my mom kept a diary of her whole experience on the streets. Sleeping in cars, meeting people, doing this, doing that and she kept a diary of it. I keep telling her, ‘Mom, you got to write this book out. You got to put it out there because people could probably really benefit, you know? Maybe somebody’s in the same zone.’ I haven’t brought myself to read it because from some of the stuff my mom’s told me so far, it sounds really ugly and very scary and very life threatening.”

Alicia Fox also talked about her career, and why she feels embarrassed sometimes. She noted that fans on social media talk about how she’s underrated, and sometimes the comments get in her head.

“Sometimes I feel embarrassed of my career in a sense because like when the fans come up and say, ‘Underrated or this or that.’ I never really realized that until social media popped up. Then I’m left thinking, ‘Am I underrated?’ I’m one of the only girls that don’t have any merch, never had any merch even when the Bella Twins and I were together it was still Team Bella, but I never complained about any of those things because in my head, ‘It’s okay, it’s okay.’ A lot of fluffy content thinking. But you know what, maybe it’s not okay, but then it gets me upset and angry because then I’m thinking well what will my next chapter look like? Is it going to be okay if I’m not putting food on my table or my career’s at the control of someone else?”

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  1. I found the article on Alicia Fox’s dating experience with Wade Barrett to be quite interesting and relatable. It’s always nice to hear about celebrities who are just like us in some ways!