alexa bliss

When Alexa Bliss aligned herself with The Fiend she quickly became a much darker version of herself. In the months that followed she took on a more supernatural persona which she continued to embrace after Bray Wyatt was released from WWE.

Not everyone was a fan of the supernatural Alexa Bliss character, and it seemed to get a big reaction from fans online. Bliss recently opened up about the backlash during an appearance on Out of Character with Ryan Satin where she explained that she didn’t care about the negativity because she was having so much fun.

“With anything with the playground Alexa and Lilly stuff, there were so many negative comments from the day I started until even now. People just hate on it so much. But when I was in that persona, I didn’t care because I was having so much fun. People were invested because they were buying Lilly dolls. Girls were dressing up as dark Alexa – guys and girls. That’s what I pay attention to. I don’t pay attention a lot to the negative comments on wrestling Twitter because I feel like you go to Twitter sometimes when you’re looking to read negative stuff. I feel like 90 percent of it is negative.

With that persona, with dark Alexa, no because I was having so much fun and knew where I was going with it and my vision. I was having fun being entertained by it and the fact that it would resonate with children so much is what made me not pay attention to the negativity online.”