alexa bliss

This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw focused on the Superstar Shake-up and the show was loaded with big moves. It was announced that Bayley would be making her way to the ring to cut a promo, and the fans were surprised when Sasha Banks came out instead.

Sasha Banks introduced Bayley, and Bayley thanked the WWE Universe for supporting her. Sasha started to get aggressive and she told Bayley that she’s coming for her Raw Women’s Title.

Unfortunately for Sasha Banks, she was interrupted by the first ever two time SmackDown Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss.

Alexa Bliss told Sasha Banks and Bayley that she’s ready to put all of the SmackDown Live drama behind her and dominate the women’s division on Raw.

Alexa Bliss was then interrupted by Mickie James who announced that she’s now a member of the WWE Monday Night Raw roster, and she noted that some would refer to her as the greatest WWE Women’s Champion of all time.

Mickie James then told Alexa Bliss that if she thinks her drama is over, she’s wrong, because her nightmare has just begun.

Nia Jax then wiped out Mickie James from behind then she cleaned house inside the ring and held up the Raw Women’s Championship.