aj styles

When AJ Styles joined WWE at the 2016 Royal Rumble, his arrival was seen as a pretty big deal. Since then AJ has gone on to become a two time WWE Champion, and he’s currently the top star on SmackDown Live.

Styles was lucky enough to get matched up with a solid entrance theme in WWE, and it’s hard to imagine him walking out to a different song at this point. But originally the entrance theme was created for a different former TNA star.

The latest episode of Table For 3 on the WWE Network features Jeff Jarrett, Road Dogg and Elias, and when the subject of AJ’s theme came up, Road Dogg revealed that it was originally meant for James Storm.

“That was originally written and developed for James Storm,” said Road Dogg via Wrestling Inc. “And James passed [on the theme song] and he went a different direction, and AJ stepped in and it just worked out perfectly.”

Several months before AJ joined WWE, James Storm had a brief stint with NXT in 2015. He only worked two matches, and then ultimately decided to return to Impact Wrestling.

Storm parted ways with Impact Wrestling back in November of 2017, and even though he’s been spotted backstage at WWE events, there’s been no indication that he’ll be joining the company in the near future.