Complex recently spoke with several WWE Superstars to get their feelings on where they were placed in the WWE Draft and more. You can check out the full interview here along with some quotes below.

Charlotte on the WWE Draft: “I was also really happy with Becky being the #1 pick for SmackDown. But she’s my best friend, and we got split up. We did everything together—worked out together, traveled together.”

“That split was really hard, and I’m still getting adjusted to not being with my best friend. But it’s a huge opportunity for her to be over there, and a huge opportunity for me to be on Raw. So professionally, it’s great. And spreading the talent is best for everyone.

AJ Styles on being separated from The Club: “I thought the draft was going well until my buddies [Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson] went to Raw and I went to SmackDown. Those guys are more than just friends. Those are my brothers. We were in Japan together, and then we came over to the WWE together. I was a little heartbroken. We always had fun together, and now I’m driving by myself. Before, those guys kept me awake by being annoying and making me laugh all the time.

“It’s an opportunity for them to do well in the tag division and for me to do well in the heavyweight division. Not having them with me is weird, but I’m really happy for them, because they still have each other.”