aj styles

People all around the world are talking about Gillette’s recent “toxic masculinity” ad, and everyone seems to have a strong opinion about it.

Former WWE Champion AJ Styles recently appeared on Louder With Crowder and when he shared his thoughts on the ad he said that he just didn’t understand who it was talking to.

“When I watched the commercial I was trying to understand who they were talking to. I have a wife, and a daughter … and 3 boys … but, I think about my daughter. So I had to find out what this was. What was so toxic. And apparently, from what I’m understanding, it was just … being mean to women?”

Styles continued to talk about the ad and then said that it, “kinda made me angry.”

“I feel like my job as a man is to take care of women,” Styles continued. “I’m gonna stand up for my wife. I’m supposed to be a provider. I’m gonna take care of her. I’m gonna protect her. Same thing with my daughter. She’s only 4, but as she gets older she’s gonna want to date. I expect this guy to come over, pick my daughter up, open the door for her. Things I think a man should do.”

The full interview is available on BlazeTV.com‘s paid site.

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H/T Pro Wrestling Sheet