aj styles

The wrestling world has been talking about AJ Styles a lot lately as The Phenomenal One was recently traded to Friday Night SmackDown.

Styles has been competing in the Intercontinental Title tournament on SmackDown, and he recently joined Corey Graves on the After The Bell podcast to talk about the trade.

His trade to SmackDown isn’t the only thing AJ Styles talked about, as he also discussed his TNA departure and some of the backlash he dealt with after he left the company.

“I remember there was this guy, I don’t know if he had a podcast or whatever, but basically just buried me because how dare I go somewhere based on business and when I talk about business, money. When I worked at TNA, the reason that fell apart was because they wanted me to do the same amount of work but wanted me to take less money, and I didn’t feel that that was right because I did everything to the best of my abilities, I represented TNA well, and now they’re gonna cut me because you made bad mistakes, that’s not how it works. When you work hard, you’re supposed to be rewarded for it.

So I bet on myself. But the fact that he questioned my loyalty because of money, I’m like, hold on a second, this is all a business. This is how I support my family. Loyalty can only go so far, and trust me, when you’re not getting the job done in the ring, or wherever they need you, where’s the loyalty there? This is a business, and they have to do what’s best for their business and I have to do what’s best for mine.”

In the end obviously things worked out, as AJ went on to make his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble in 2016.

He has since gone on to become a two time WWE Champion, so it’s safe to say that betting on himself paid off.

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