aj styles

AJ Styles joined the red brand a few months ago during the WWE Superstar Shake-Up, and since then he’s been chasing gold.

On Monday night The Phenomenal One thought he had won the United States Title in the main event of Raw, but the match was restarted because Ricochet’s foot was under the rope. Styles then turned heel on Ricochet after he failed to pick up a victory the second time around, and The Club decimated the US Champion to end the show.

Following Raw this week, Styles addressed the heel turn while live-streaming on his Mixer account and he said that he feels like he just broke out of prison.

“I feel like AJ Styles was stuck in this, ‘I’m going to smile all the time, I’m going to be the nicest guy in the room even when I don’t feel like it, when I’m tired. He’s going to be this guy’ [mode]. I felt like I was in prison. And I just broke out.”

He also told fans that he wouldn’t be bringing the heel character out for his live streams, but that we can expect to see an aggressive AJ Styles on Raw.

“The guy on Raw, the AJ Styles that’s now in The Club, I’m just letting you guys know I’m taking over. That’s what’s going to happen. That AJ Styles isn’t going to put up with any crap. He’s going to be the guy that drops dudes on their face with a Styles Clash or rocks with a Phenomenal Forearm or crushes their calf. That’s the kind of thing I do. I’m not going to change how I wrestle, I’ve always wrestled aggressive. So that will never change.”

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