all elite wrestling

WWE has one of the most talented rosters in the history of the company, but over the last few years many fans have expressed disappointment with the storytelling, or lack thereof, in WWE.

Storylines often have little to no pay off, and it’s not at all uncommon for WWE to simply drop storylines without ever mentioning them again.

The Young Bucks recently spoke to Sporting News about their plans for All Elite Wrestling, and he noted that they’re focused on long-term storytelling.

“We’ve talked about this before, but we really want to do slow-burn, long-term storytelling. We don’t want to just give up on stories and we want to have continuity. It sounds crazy in the pro wrasslin’ business because usually we treat fans like wrasslin’ fans. It’s like, no. This is the Netflix, HBO, Showtime watching people who sometimes will binge watch television shows and they don’t like plot holes. They like seeing all of the loose ends tied and that’s one thing that’s important to us.

We’ve already shown on 139 episodes of our web series ‘Being the Elite’ — every single segment or bit on our show, there’s a reason for it. There’s a position for it and we pay it off. We just want to reward our viewers for watching our show. If we’re regularly doing this more often, hopefully, if it’s month to month, week to week, whatever it is, we’re hoping that they feel rewarded for continuing to watch our product.”

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