sasha banks

Sasha Banks has been one of the top stars in professional wrestling for years now and the former SmackDown Women’s Champion became a free agent on January 1st. It’s believed that Banks will be appearing at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom later this week, and it’s also rumored that she could be Saraya’s mystery partner next week on AEW Dynamite.

Whether or not Sasha Banks is going to show up in AEW remains to be seen, but during a recent interview with Metro she was praised by Saraya for taking her career into her own hands.

“I love the fact that she took her career into her own hands, and she knows her worth and she knows she wants to be treated a certain way, and she deserves to be treated that way because she’s done a lot for the wrestling business. She’s one of the girls that puts butts in seats, and you want to see wrestle and you wanna see main event. She deserves all those things. Wherever she ends up, I’m gonna be happy for her, and anyone that gets her is gonna be very, very lucky. I just selfishly hope that I get to wrestle her one day. I don’t know if she’d want to because she’d probably be scared to wrestle me again.”

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