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They say that anything can happen in the world of professional wrestling, but it seems that you can also expect the unexpected when a professional wrestler goes out into the world. On Tuesday night the Seminole County school board held a meeting, and Joey Janela took to Twitter to let the world know that he attended the meeting when he posted a photo of himself alongside former NXT referee Drake Wuertz.

Drake Wuertz was released from WWE last month, and it was later reported that his political beliefs were causing issues behind the scenes in NXT.

Joey Janela later followed up by saying that he got kicked out for disrupting the school board meeting when he posted, “I was kicked out within 5 min for yelling at a doctor or something…. he was a liar!”

The general consensus seems to be that Joey Janela was trolling, as he also followed up posting a video on Twitter where he appears to be playing a character.

The full video of the school board meeting can be seen below, and Janela can be head disrupting the meeting around the 2:10:25 mark.