It’s no big secret that CM Punk was involved in a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In last year as Punk was fired from AEW after the show. AEW was advertising that backstage footage from the incident would be shown on Dynamite this week and the company delivered what was advertised.

The Young Bucks appeared in a backstage segment where they talked about how AEW All In was the biggest show in the history of the company. They talked about how even though the pay-per-view was big everyone was talking about an incident that took place between two people. The Bucks mentioned Jack Perry by name, but refrained from mentioning Punk. They simply said that the other person tried to make All In all about himself. Matt and Nick tried to make it a storyline by talking about how CM Punk is friends with FTR and they implied that FTR may have orchestrated the backstage incident.

The footage showed Jack Perry standing backstage and he was approached by CM Punk. There was no audio, but Punk was shown speaking to Perry and then CM Punk shoved Jack Perry. After Punk shoved Jack Perry he grabbed him and tried to choke him. The fight was quickly broken up as Jack Perry and CM Punk were separated.

After the footage aired FTR made their way to the ring to promote their AEW World Tag Team Championship match with The Young Bucks at Dynasty.