Adam Rose was recently suspended by WWE for 90 days after violations to their wellness policy which on it’s own is bad enough for a star who is currently on the fringes of release, but this morning it was revealed that Rose was arrested for an altercation with his own wife something that WWE will not be to pleased about.

Adam Rose was one of the most liked superstars in NXT after he merged into the party loving star following his repackaging after WWE decided that Leo Kruger wasn’t enough of a hit with the NXT Universe.

Rose and his Rosebuds were a huge hit and even saw him fast tracked to the main roster where he continued to remind the WWE Universe to “Don’t be a lemon, be a rosebud.”

Following an intense back and forth rivalry with his own bunny WWE decided that Rose had done enough partying and for a brief time he became the person who hated parties, even showing up at Nikki Bella’s longest reigning champion party and telling her just how bad it was.

His latest character has seen him join up with Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and Heath Slater to become The Social Outcasts where they refer to Rose as “The Radical Mongoose.”

Rose has somehow gone from the top of his game down in NXT to someone on the brink of release from the company in the space of just two years which is a record even for WWE.

Rose has the added element of being one of WWE’s superstars who have captured the heart of the WWE Universe since he was a part of the WWE 24 series that was based around many NXT stars and it showed how Rose managed to take care of his terminally ill son as well as juggling his incredibly hectic WWE career.

But the opinions of both the WWE Universe and the WWE as a whole could change if reports are to be believed and Adam Rose was really arrested for attacking his own wife. Reports suggest that Rose was arguing with his wife and he then pulled her face into his and continued to shout at her before she attempted to call 911 and ask for assistance and Rose then took the phone from her.

He is now being held on charges relating to domestic violence and tampering with a witness which is a felony in Florida which means Rose could be in serious trouble. When Kevin Nash was arrested for attacking his son WWE immediately distanced themselves from the star and his personal problems so it is likely that WWE will do the same here with Rose.

The fact that he is already suspended from the company and he has already been vocal on Social Media about the reasons for this and the fact that WWE apparently shouldn’t have suspended him based on doctors notes that he posted on Twitter.

These posts were then removed not long after and have many of the WWE Universe thinking that WWE put pressure on Rose to remove them or he could be the next on the release list.

Many fans now think that along with Ryback, Rose could be one of the rumored superstars that could be set for a release in the near future since he is now beginning to cause more problems from them off screen than he is as a character on their show.

WWE could easily release Rose and break up The Social Outcasts if they decided that they couldn’t keep him in the company any longer because the group hasn’t been a functional part of WWE TV for a while, but if he was released because of this then it would be a sad outcome for a star who was shining so bright in NXT just two years ago.

How has Adam Rose become this person? How have WWE allowed him to fall so far? It was well documented that he had personal problems but how was this not caught before now? Rose will not be helped if WWE do decide to release him and it wont help his personal issues any either, so hopefully WWE will see this as a call for help and give Rose the assistance he requires.